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Don’t throw out your artificial tree or decorations! Donate them to charity instead.

October 14, 2013 / no comments, on Trees

Before throwing out your old artificial Christmas tree or decorations consider donating them to charity. Gently used Christmas trees and decorations are welcome by charities such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army. Doing so helps those who are less fortunate, keeps the trees out of landfills, and may qualify as a tax deduction.

October is the month to donate your gently used decorations to your local charity of choice. This gives the charity time to process your donation before the Christmas holiday season is upon us. Each charity has their own guidelines for what they will and will not accept, please check with them first to see if they will accept your items.

Artificial Christmas Tree Charity & Donation Tree Trade-In by TreeTime.com & The Salvation Army

Last year families in the Chicago area received over 400 gently used artificial Christmas trees during the 2nd Annual Christmas Tree Trade-In program coordinated by The Salvation Army and Treetime Christmas Creations.

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Contrary to popular opinion, materials used to create artificial Christmas trees are recyclable. The real issue is that there is not a sufficient demand for the recycled material to justify the expense in collecting it from consumers.

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